J. Paul Popa

J. Paul Popa

A graduate from Tennessee Tech University in 1996, Paul has been with D&E for more than 15 years; he’s one of the original founding members. He likes to say he “came with the firm” since he was working with Buddy when Brian and Buddy formed their partnership. His history with the company gives him valuable client insight and in-depth experience with the large retail projects, schools, institutional projects, churches, and office buildings that define our reputation. Clients call on Paul when they need help with a problem or seek an answer to a question.

The natural computer whiz of the office, Paul has assumed the role of I.T. master. However, we’ve discovered as of late that his technical skills, although very beneficial to the firm, are also spent trying to master a kickflip McTwist or backside heelflip on his skateboard.

Email: ppopa@dollar-ewers.com


  • Computer Whiz
  • Bicycle Enthusiast
  • Punk Rock Lover
  • Skateboarder
  • Hockey Freak
  • Push-up Doer